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The Best Jobs for Veterans in 2018

Hire Bulletin 23 July, 2018

If you're transitioning from the armed forces to the civilian workplace, consider the following jobs. They are some of the best career choices for veterans who often already have training in the fields listed below. What is more, all these jobs are growing at a fast place, offering plenty of job options across the United States.


Any army veteran with medical experience will find a career in nursing to be a great fit. Working as a nurse practitioner is ideal as the annual average pay for those in this position comes to well over $100,000 a year and job growth is set at an astounding 31%. Working as a registered nurse is also a great choice; average annual pay comes to nearly $67,500 and jobs in this field are set to grow by up to 16% in the coming years.


If you are good with numbers, consider finding work as a financial advisor. Those in this profession earn nearly $90,000 a year on average and job growth is set at 30%. Alternatively, working as a self-employed or fully-employed management consultant could be just right for you if you have management skills in a particular field such as marketing, sales, human resources or social media. A management consultant earns a median annual salary of just over $81,000 and job growth is set at a modest 14%.


Many army veterans have found that working as an information security analyst or operations research analyst has much to offer. Both jobs draw on skills you have probably already honed in your years of military service. The pay is good and jobs are booming in these fields, providing ample employment opportunities.

As many employers have already discovered, army veterans have valuable skills that can boost just about any company in any industry. Find the job that is the right fit for you and don't hesitate to showcase how your training and experience can help move a workplace forward.