Career Advice

Employers Value These Soft Skills

Hire Bulletin August 8, 2022

When writing your c.v., make sure to include your soft skills. More employers these days are looking for job candidates with soft skills in addition to technical expertise and education.

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What's it Like to be a Receptionist?

Hire Bulletin July 7, 2022

There are loads of receptionist jobs available online. You already know what a receptionist is; you’ve probably encountered them during your life, at hotels, office buildings, and the like. But if you’ve never actually been a receptionist, you may not realize what it’s like to actually be one.

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What Does It Mean When an Employer Sends You a Survey?

Hire Bulletin June 6, 2022

Surveys are becoming a massive thing for employers these days. Not only do active employers send their workers surveys, but prospective ones do as well. You might even get a survey from an employer that rejected your application or interview. Why do they send those things?

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How To Get Over a Dead End or Obstacle in Your Career Growth

Hire Bulletin May 16, 2022

You might run into a bump in the road as you journey toward financial freedom. That bump can manifest as a lack in pay raises, promotion denials, or internal or external "forces" working against you. Remember that an obstacle isn't an absolute thing. It may be in your way right now, but it can't stop you from getting where you need to be. These are some tips for jumping over things when they're in your way:

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When To Call It Quits and Work for Yourself

Hire Bulletin April 18, 2022

Some people are made to work for others, while others are born entrepreneurs. Nothing is wrong with either way of life, but you need to know where you stand. These are three clues that it might be time to work for yourself:

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