Career Advice

How to Get the Most From Your Internship

Hire Bulletin April 20, 2019

Whether you have an unpaid or paid internship, you have a valuable opportunity to learn, get a jump on your career goals and to learn more about yourself. Here are all the ways to get the most from your internship.

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How to Get Over a Job Search Slump

Hire Bulletin March 20, 2019

You may have started out your job search with a lot of motivation and optimism. But even the most enthusiastic person can hit a slump. If you have gotten too many rejections, and you are running out steam, you might find yourself in a job search slump.

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Can Social Media Help Your Job Search?

Hire Bulletin February 21, 2019

You might think social media has few redeeming qualities, but when it comes to a job search there are some great ways social media can help you. Here are few ways you can use social media to beef up your job search.

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Can I Really Make Money In A Blue Collar Job?

Hire Bulletin January 21, 2019

For years blue collar work has been getting a bad rap from parents, teachers, guidance counselors, and most especially colleges. From all of these directions young people have been hearing one message and one message only, "If you don't have a college degree and the career that goes along with it, you're a disappointment. If you don't go to college, but rather pursue a job that does not require you to go to college, you're lazy."

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Best Paying Entry Level Careers for 2019

Hire Bulletin December 20, 2018

If you are just now getting started on your career path, then you are no doubt curious about how much money you can possibly make to begin with. There are some great entry level positions out there for people with degree.

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