Career Advice

Why It's Crucial to Read the Employee Manual

Hire Bulletin May 17, 2021

Most employers offer their new workers an employee manual at some point during the hiring process. The manual may be in a physical or digital form, and new employees usually have to sign for it. The following are three reasons it's crucial to read your employee manual all the way through.

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Don't Let a Bad Day Turn Into the Last Day

Hire Bulletin April 16, 2021

Everyone has bad days at work. Unfortunately, most people can think back to particularly bad days that turned into their last days. My parents tell a story of how when they were very young, newly married, and expecting my little brother they both had a really bad day at work on the same day.

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Three Entrepreneurial Jobs That Can Supplement Your Income

Hire Bulletin March 15, 2021

Having a good, stable corporate 9-to-5 job is a positive accomplishment. However, there might be times when you need to work another job to supplement your income. The following are three entrepreneurial jobs that can help you do that:

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Tips for Managing Two Jobs in Different Fields

Hire Bulletin February 17, 2021

Having to work two jobs just to make ends meet is challenging enough. It can be much harder on you if the two jobs are in different fields. For example, you might work as a fast-food worker by day and a security card by night. Maybe you're an automotive technician in the daytime and a call center representative at night. These are some tips for juggling jobs and keeping yourself mentally balanced and stable while you do it:

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Three Ways to Handle a Job Application Decline

Hire Bulletin January 15, 2021

It can be crushing to get declined for a job that you really wanted. However, there are some positive lessons you can take from the experience. These are three things you can do after a job decline to improve your journey.

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