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Employers Value These Soft Skills

Hire Bulletin 8 August, 2022

When writing your c.v., make sure to include your soft skills. More employers these days are looking for job candidates with soft skills in addition to technical expertise and education.

What Are Soft Skills?

Soft skills are basically skills that are learned or that have been honed through experience. They include things that are not typically taught in school. They can almost be described as having more to do with the way a person is, rather than what they know.

Soft Skills That Employers Value Most

  • Work Ethic - This pertains to how seriously you take work, your level of commitment, and your company loyalty.
  • Communication Skills - This pertains to how well you express yourself in oral and written form, as well as body language.
  • Problem-Solving Skills - This pertains to your ability to think outside the box, how resourceful you are, and how you react in crisis situations.
  • Teamwork Skills - This pertains to how well you operate on a team, your willingness to collaborate, and your openness to others’ ideas and opinions, even when they vary from your own.
  • Enthusiasm - This pertains to your attitude and how you approach work. Are you eager to learn and happy to help? Do you project a positive vibe?
  • Professionalism - This pertains to your ability to be professional in dress, attitude, expression, and comportment.
  • Leadership - This pertains to your ability to take control of a situation when the need arises.
  • Responsibility - This pertains to your willingness to take responsibility for your actions as well as for certain things that may arise as a result of others' actions.

Employers will subtly evaluate which soft skills you have. But you can also include a bullet list of soft skills on your c.v. in order to draw attention to these assets.