Career Advice

How To Get Over a Dead End or Obstacle in Your Career Growth

Hire Bulletin 16 May, 2022

You might run into a bump in the road as you journey toward financial freedom. That bump can manifest as a lack in pay raises, promotion denials, or internal or external "forces" working against you. Remember that an obstacle isn't an absolute thing. It may be in your way right now, but it can't stop you from getting where you need to be. These are some tips for jumping over things when they're in your way:

Consider Your Other Possibilities

No job or career is the end-all. Thus, you need to think about some alternatives you may have. Maybe your current place of employment is meant to be a stepping stone so that you can get something better. Perhaps the stagnancy is a warning sign that you need to gain momentum and move in a different direction. The job market is ripe with opportunities now, and you can start looking if your current one isn't meeting your needs.

Face the Challenges Head-On

Your situation may be calling you to take steps toward a new stage of development. You might have to acquire a new skill or get educated on something to get ahead. Be open-minded about training for additional responsibilities and role changes.

Adapt and Modify

It could be time for you to learn the art of adaptation. Sometimes, you have to change a situation because otherwise, it won't get any better. That may mean that you need to walk away from your current job, or it could mean you need to start thinking bigger and apply for a higher-ranking job. Review your situation to find the answers.

You can jump over any obstacle in your way as long as you persevere and keep yourself flexible. Take time to reflect on your situation to decide whether the problem is a bump you need to jump over or something you need to turn away from to head in the right direction.