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Three Low-Key Jobs You Might not Have Thought Of

Hire Bulletin 14 September, 2021

Current times are very challenging. You might need to find a quick part-time job that will help you cover your bills and take care of your little ones. Low-key jobs are jobs with local businesses that might offer you the supplemental pay you need. These are three low-key jobs that you may not have even considered:

Bowling Alley Worker

A job at the bowling alley might be just what you need if you enjoy the bowling experience. You can stand behind the counter and issue customers' lanes, shoes, and other items. You could also work at the bar if you have experience making drinks. It's not a job that will cover all your bills, but it might help you survive during tough times. Additionally, you might get to play some free games every now and again.

Fitness Center Attendant

You can also visit your local fitness center to see if they have attendant jobs available. Attendants check-in customers and process billing transactions. They also clean the bathrooms and take the trash out at certain times. It might be a good fit for you if you enjoy the fitness environment and like helping people maintain their fitness standards.

Movie Theater Cashier

A movie theater cashier job is another low-key position you might enjoy. It's usually a part-time position that will use you during the most crucial times. You might do weekend work or day work when the students are in school. It could be a great catch if you already have a full-time job, or you're a senior citizen who needs a little extra pay.

Consider the options mentioned above if you're seeking to supplement your income. Those opportunities can be quick to obtain, and they can be fun as well. Complete an application and see where you stand with one of them.