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Three Things That Can Get You Fired on the First Day of Work

Hire Bulletin 13 August, 2021

Most first days at work go well, and there's virtually no way a new employee can get fired. However, there are some situations that will cause an employer to let a worker go the same day he or she starts. These are three of them:

No-Call No-Show

The no-call no-show action is the largest form of disrespect in the employment world. It occurs when an individual does not show up for his or her scheduled shift and also does not make an effort to call out either. The majority of employers will look at such a thing as a preview of the employee's future behaviors. They will most likely let an employee go the first day if it happens without a good excuse.

Falling Asleep on the Job

Everyone gets tired from time to time, but falling asleep on the job is considered inappropriate. An employer will likely see a sleeping employee as someone who is so bored with the job that he or she can't stay awake. They may also look at it as complete disregard for the job position. A termination may come the way of someone who falls asleep while working.

Any Type of Altercation

Any type of physical or verbally violent altercation with a coworker or customer will most likely result in immediate termination. The majority of employers have an anti-violence clause in their employee handbooks that bars violence of any kind. Thus, you can get fired on your first day of work if you have a fight or argument with another person.

Keep the above situations in mind, and remember that you could lose your job on the first day if you don't act appropriately. Read the employee manual before you start and use common sense to navigate your behavior once you get to the job.