Career Advice

Why It's Crucial to Read the Employee Manual

Hire Bulletin 17 May, 2021

Most employers offer their new workers an employee manual at some point during the hiring process. The manual may be in a physical or digital form, and new employees usually have to sign for it. The following are three reasons it's crucial to read your employee manual all the way through.

It Explains Your Benefits

Your employee manual outlines all the benefits the company offers, and it gives you a timeline for receiving those benefits. For example, perhaps the company you work for offers health insurance after 90 days of service. You'll need to know that so that you will know when you can access those benefits. The manual will also explain matters such as personal time, vacations, time and a half, and so forth.

It Tells Your Status

The employee manual also explains the probationary period, which is very important. Each new employee works for a probationary period while the employer evaluates that person to determine if he or she is a good fit for the company. The employer generally has more leeway during the probationary period to terminate a worker. While at-will employers still have the right to terminate any employee within the law guidelines, they have more freedom during the probationary period.

It Outlines Immediate Termination Offenses

Certain actions can cause a worker to be subject to immediate termination without being granted the right to progressive disciplinary action. You will need to review your employee manual to see which offenses your employer has on that list. You can protect your job better if you go through the list and learn all the possible offenses. Use your best judgment when working to avoid offending the employer in any way.

Now you know how important your employee manual is. If you haven't yet read your employee manual, you should schedule some time to do so. Your future at the new company might count on it.